Top Arches national park hikes and attractions

There are no less than 50 National Parks in the United States. A few National Parks are made up of desert landscape and the others are enriched in dense forests and high mountains. In Utah, the Arches National Park, or simply the Arches is one of the driest or deserted National Park. The Arches National Park is naturally shaped in hundreds and thousands of Arches and amazing rock formations all across the National Park. Millions of tourist travel to the Arches National Park every year. Camping and sightseeing in the Arches National Park is a popular activity, not just for US tourists, but also for tourists coming from other countries of the World.

Top Arches National Park hikes

Read about the best attractions in the Arches and things you can do in the National Park.

Delicate Arch


delicate arch


The Delicate Arch as the name says is a delicate and fun attraction in the Arches National Park. The Delicate Arch hike goes 4 miles up and down in the desert landscape. It is a great fun both for the professional hikers and the families, who have no experience in hiking high miles up the hills. It is design naturally for people of every age visiting the arches. Delicate Arch is more crowded than the other attractions in the Arches National Park. The reason is the ease of access, and fun it brought to the people.

Fiery Furnace

Fiery Furnace is quite a difficult trail with high rocks, and narrow passages. People are not allowed to visit the Fiery Furnace without permits. More than that, GPS system does not work here because of the high rocks across narrow passages in the Fiery Furnace, Arches National Park. Permit for age group about of 13 or more cost $4, and $2 for children.

Tower Arch

The Tower Arch is less crowded as compared to the Delicate Arch. Here people are leaving from the main solid trail down to dry hard unpaved rocks, which is a little difficult for families with children. Expert hikers are more likely to enjoy the trips to Tower Arch. The track is 2.6 miles distance in rounds across the mountains. Rocks are naturally shaped in the fingers formations and fists. Which is quite amusing for tourists to the Tower Arch in the National Park. People can also enjoy the scenery of La Sal mountain lying miles ahead from the Tower Arch.

Broken Arch Loop

Broken Arch Loop is a real beauty of the Arches National Park. Tribune magazine places Broken Arch Loop as one of the best site to visit in Arches National Park. There is an unpaved path off the road, and one on-road path so that every age group can easily track Broken Arch Loop in the Arches National Park.

Devils Garden

Devils Garden, Utah, USA

It is a great attraction in the Arches National Park. Moreover, solid road can help families to drive across the high miles along the amazing rock formation. The arch is distance along 7 miles between high rock formation and 1.6 miles round trip to the rock formations in the National Park. People can hire drives to track or discover the loop. All in all it is fun place to visit in the Arches.

Windows Loop Trail

A mellow climb up and up to the high rocks in the North and South Window, the amazing track will give you lifetime experience in your tour. People can easily access the first part of the track, then later it gains in height. Both families and hikers would have their interest in visiting the Window Loop Trail in the National Park.

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