Top 9 must visit game reserves in Nigeria

must visit game reserves in Nigeria


Nigeria is a tourist hot spot for its beautiful wildlife reserves. Many people ask questions, on Quora and Yahoo answers, “What are the some must visit game reserves in Nigeria?” To answer this question, I have compiled a list of 9 must visit game reserves in Nigeria.

Africa is packed full of Game reserves, national parks, or wildlife safaris as you can call them in your language. In countries such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and a few more, the number of game reserves and wildlife are greater than the other African countries. Today, we will be focusing more on the wildlife located in the game reserves of Nigeria. In the next heading We will talk about the top must visit games reserves in Nigeria.

9 must visit games reserves in Nigeria

Nigeria wildlife is spread in several wildlife reserves. Each wildlife reserve will bring you a diverse variety of animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and other smaller species of animals. Some big animals include African cape buffalo, Elephants, Lions, Cheetahs, Giraffe, Monkeys, and other species of animals. Now, we will move on to our list of the best national parks in Nigeria.

  1. Gashaka Gumti National Park

    Gashaka Gumti is one the biggest game reserves in Africa. It is the largest national park in Nigeria. It is the habitat of millions of species of flora and fauna. All the big 5 animals live in Gashaka Gumti including cape buffalo, lions, elephants, rhinoceros, and African leopards. Beautiful black&white colobus monkeys and many other rare species live here in this big wild habitat. It is the top tourist destination in Nigeria. You should also visit the national safari at Gashaka Gumti game reserves.

  2. Cross River National Park 

    It is a beautiful rain forest in the wilds of Nigeria. Cross River national park is also one of the biggest and oldest national park in Nigeria. People can enjoy hiking and gorilla tracking from the base camp near the Kanyang village. People of Kanyang village welcome tourist coming to their village. It is easy to take rides from the village to the nearby base camp of Cross River National. In the park, there are other 75 species of mammals have recorded.

  3. Chad Basin National Park 

    The Chad Basin national park lies in Northeast side of Nigeria. It has a huge water reserve that favors the life of birds coming here during the raining season. People can enjoy watching its wildlife on cruises at Dabarmagini Lake and Lake Nguru. Hiking and horse riding are also a few activities that people enjoy in the Chad Basin national park.

  4. Kainji Lake National Park 

    Enjoy your time visiting the Kainji Lake national park that hosts a large number of wildlife. Plus, there are Kali Hills in the park and the Oli River. Several wildlife species including, hippos, lions, leopards, aardvarks, and many other species live in this park. People can also enjoy visiting tourist camps equipped with electricity, amenities, and children’s playgrounds.

  5. Kamuku National Park 

    The park lies near the capital city, i.e. Abuja. It houses 19 mammal species in its boundaries. There are 177 birds species that live in the Kamuku National Park. Common mammal species include elephants, green monkeys, baboons, and duiker species.

  6. Okomu National Park

    It is one the must visit games reserves in Nigeria. An amazing rainforest, Okuma national park, is the habitat of many species of animals and plants. Many rare species of animals live in the Okomu national park. Common animal species include, red river hogs, elephants, buffaloes, chimpanzees, duikers, porcupines, and antelope species. White throated monkey is of the rarest species of animals that live in the Okomu national park.

  7. Old Oyo National Park
    Old Oyo is one the must see wildlife reserve in Nigeria. The park got its name from the ancient capital of Nigeria, i.e. Old Oyo of the Oyo Empire. The park hosts a large number of wildlife species, both plants and animals. It lies on the borders of both the Oyo state and the kwara state in Nigeria.
  8. Yankari National Park
    It is one the most prominent national parks in Nigeria due to its large population of wild African elephants, buffaloes, and baboons. Many magazines consider Yankari as one of the best national parks in Nigeria for wildlife observation. Many campgrounds and hotels are available in the park where people can take their drives for safari visits.
  9. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary
    It is a wildlife sanctuary that protects rare species of animals of Nigeria. The sanctuary is administered by the authorities of the Cross River National Park. Visitors to the sanctuary enjoy watching the rare animal species living in the sanctuary. You can study and learn about the rare species of animals. That will help you to understand the importance of African wildlife. So you can spread the words to the people living around you and across the globe.

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