Top 10 most endangered animals in Australia


Population of some most important animals are decreasing each year in Australia. Deforestation is the first reason to start with; however, it is not the only reason of the animals decreasing in the wilds, there are many other factors that add their role in endangering animals in the wilds. Some animals are dying due to lack of their prey in the Wilds, and a few are dying because their ecosystem has been demolished by the human involvement in their habitat. Continental Australia is not an exception to the activities where human kills or endangers the population of wildlife. Increasing human population in Australia also devours the habitat of a few many precious animals needed in our ecosystem.

Endangered species of animals in Australia

Today, you will learn about, what are the most endangered animals in Australia species and what are the main reason for the decline of these animal species. Ugly or beautiful animals are a part of our World and each animal plays a vital role in sustaining ecosystem. Without these animals, our ecosystem will die; therefore, people should take responsibility on saving these species of animals. While some animal numbers in Wilds are declining, a few others are close to extinction. In the next heading, people will be reading about the 10 most endangered animal species in Australia.

Top 10 animal species that are soon to disappear in Australia

A few animals in the wilds when comes in close contact with humans, they killed them because of the threat they face from their predator, or for the reason of the predators killing their pet animals. That is unfortunate; serious measures are required to safeguard the habitat and natural environment of the Wildlife of Australia. Although, Wildlife trusts in Australia are doing their work to safeguard the population of endangered species, we ourself should also take calculated measure to stop the natural killing of animals in our neighborhood.

  1. Australian Sea Lion
    Australian Sea-Lion is mostly found in Western and Southern Island of Australia. Their number has been shrunk to 14,730 sea-lions in total. They are considered as an endangered species in Australia. Australian Wildlife trusts are working hard to ensure the safety of these animals and to bring the animal back from the list of endangered species.
    Australian Sea Lion
  2. Corroboree Frog
    corroboree frog
    These types of frogs are only being seen in the Table islands of Australia. There are a number of reasons of declining of these animals such as destruction of their habitat by human involvement, draught, and effects of UV radiation from sunlight.
  3. Marron Crayfish
    Margaret River burrowing crayfish
    Marron crayfish’s habitat is the Margaret River in Southwestern Australia. After the introduction of Cherax Cainii, a wider range crayfish, the number of crayfish started to decline. Marron Crayfish is now listed as the endangered species of animals in Australia.
  4. Cassowary
    Cassowary are mostly found in the tropical forests of New Guinea, nearby islands, and Easter Australia. Cassowary is the second heaviest bird in the World after Emu and Ostrich. Female are carefree both for the eggs to be hatched or to safeguard the young one, it is the male who incubates and cares for the young one until they are big enough to care for their self.
  5. Grey-Headed Flying-fox
    Grey-headed flying fox is the largest bat in the World. The bat has a dark-grey body, light-grey head, and reddish fur on his neck. Predation, habitat destruction, and competition with black flying-fox are the factors of decline in the population of Grey-headed flying-fox.
    grey-headed flying fox

  6. Grey Nurse Shark
    Grey nurse shark
    The numbers of Grey nurse sharks are greater declined due to the threat by drift net fishing, spear fishing and a few other factors. Only 1500-3000 sharks have been left in Eastern Australia.
  7. Tasmanian devil
    Tasmanian devil
    They are classified as “medium term” risk of extinction in the wilds. There numbers are reduced because of disease spread in their species. Efforts are being made to protect them and to control the disease; only 30000 Tasmanian devils are believed to be left in the wilds.
  8. Red Tailed Black Cockatoo
    Red tailed black cockatoo
    These beautiful birds are greatly desired in the Western countries of the World and other countries. Being sold the numbers are going down, however, the main reason lies in the illegal export of Red Tailed Black Cockatoo without coming into notice to the Australian government.
  9. Tasmanian Wedge Tail Eagle

    Wedge tail eagles are mostly found in the Tasmanian island. These eagles prey on reptiles, birds, small mammals or any other species that come in contact with the eagles. Their number is greatly reduced due to loss of habitat and disturbance in their mating seasons.

  10. Great White Shark
    Great white shark
    Australian Great White Sharks are listed in the endangered list of Australian fauna by the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act. The main reason is sport fishing as well as being caught in protection nests surrounding beaches.

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