Top 10 hotels in Madagascar to stay and eat

Madagascar is a small island having an entire World hidden in it. There are many beautiful places to visit in this small island country. Tour of Madagascar will definitely worth your time. There are lots of things to do here, but first you need to know where you can stay and eat in this beautiful island country. Today, I will share with you some top 10 hotels in Madagascar, where you can eat and spend your time during your tour.



Stay at top 10 hotels in Madagascar

There are lots of fun things to enjoy in Madagascar such as visiting some of the World’s most beautiful rain forests, islands, beaches, and National parks. Wildlife in Madagascar is a must see attraction. There are many rare animal species in the rain forests of Madagascar such as lemurs, fossas, moths, and other bizarre species of animals. However, our article discusses more about the hotels to stay in Madagascar other than its wildlife.

  1. Andilana beach resort

    A resort built on a paradise island i.e. Nosy be. It is packed with everything you need in your tour of Nosy be including delightful foods and drink of pilly pilly restaurant, parkland, beaches, swimming pools, and comfortable hotel resort. Get to know more about Andilana beach resort from their official website.


  2. VOI Amarina Resort

    The VOI Amarina resort is one of the best hotels in Madagascar. The company has several hotels resorts in other countries of the World including Italy, Tanzania, Cuba, and the Maldives. Find more about the resort at their official website.


  3. Royal beach hotel

    The Royal beach hotel is a stunning place where tourists can stay during their tour to Nosy be. It has 48 luxury and comfortable rooms. People can enjoy the tasty and delicious local and traditional recipes during their stay in the Royal beach hotels. There is no doubt in saying that it is one of top 10 hotels in Madagascar.


  4. Hotel Soanambo

    It is a beautiful hotel on the St Marie Island. The island famous for whale watching and scuba diving. Snorkelers and scuba divers love to stay in the hotel Soanambo during their tour of Madagascar. St. Marie is widely regarded as the top destination to see in Madagascar.


  5. Nosy Be hotel

    Friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and delicious food make Nosy be hotel as one of the most desired hotels in the country. Moreover, the hotel is located at as one of the most beautiful islands of Africa, Nosy Be.


  6. Palm Beach resort

    The Palm Beach resort provides tourists a great place for their stay in Nosy Be. Delicious food, recipes, and atmosphere to the hotel is desired by every tourist that visit Nosy Be, Madagascar.

  7. Vakona Forest resort

    If you want to enjoy the rainforest life of Madagascar, you should book Vakona forest resort. It is a great, comfortable, and beautiful resort near the forest. You can easily discover the forest life which is a few steps away from the resort. Also enjoy the delicious recipes and traditional food of the country.


  8. Calypso Hotel

    It is a very affordable hotel in Ambodimanga commune of Madagascar. Rooms are neat, comfortable, and clean. Food and beverage are good for any VIP hotel. Tourists from Western countries can easily afford to stay in the Calypso hotel. Discover more about the hotel at their official website.


  9. Hotel Carlton

    Carlton is a beautiful hotel located in Antananarivo city. The hotel provides great views of the Queen’s palace and the Anosy Lake. While staying in the hotel, you can eat traditional foods, enjoy drinks, and take tours to the different tourist’s spots in the Antananarivo city.


  10. Orangea Village

    The Orangea village hotel resort is located at the Nosy Be Island. People while staying at the hotel can enjoy the beautiful seaside views of the Nosy Be Island. They can go for fishing, whale watching, and scuba diving from the hotel located at the tip of the island.


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