Top 10 best places to live in Nevada

best places to live in Nevada



There are many places to travel in Nevada, but finding an affordable place to live is entirely a different subject. As you are going to Nevada not just for day trips but also to find an affordable residence for you and your family. You also have to transfer your office to the new city or place in the state of Nevada. Today, you will be discovering about the best places to live in Nevada. These cities or places are listed based on the quality of life people enjoy while living in these great cities of Nevada State. Other factors are employment rate, tax charges, environment, and safety issues.


10 Best places to live in Nevada


  1. Boulder City 

    Boulder City is not only the best city for a living in Nevada, but people all the states like to buy their new home in the Boulder city. A small population, low employment, and happy life would not be a bad idea for any person of the state. You should consider the Boulder city as the best place to live in Nevada.

  2. Incline Village 

    Second to Boulder City is the Incline Village located nearby the Lake Tahoe. Imagine living a life near a serene lake such as Lake Tahoe, what would be that… a dream life! That’s not all of us enjoy. The village has a small population and people live a stress free life. Median household income for a person living in Nevada is $90281 as recorded in previous years. People enjoy their time in traveling to Lake Tahoe, and welcoming people from other states who would be coming to visit the lake every year, especially during the Shakespeare festival as celebrated nearby Lake Tahoe.

  3. City of Las Vegas 

    If you want to know about the best places to live in Nevada, Las Vegas would be one of the best place you will hear from many of the State’s residents. People love Las Vegas not only just from the US, but others from out of the State also enjoy their summer vacation visiting the city of Las Vegas. The thing that might concern some people is the crime rate, which is 3582/100000 people in a year. The employment rate is high and people live in a stress free environment.

  4. Arden 

    Arden is a planned neighborhood made for its peaceful residents. People enjoy quality life with great employment rate and plenty of business opportunities. A small crowd of Arden enjoys a peaceful life without any noise pollution and other environmental issues. Crime, however, would be a problem as the crime ratio of Arden is high as compared to some of the other places or cities of the state.

  5. City of Henderson 

    Living in a big city with lots of business and employment opportunity would be the best thing ever. The city has a high population of 260068 recorded in the previous years. The employment rate in the city is high and also there are many fun places to seek out. Safety is an issue because crime rate for Henderson is high as compared to many other cities of Nevada State.

  6. Mesquite 

    People in Mesquite enjoy a safe and healthy life. The city lies at the border of the state of Nevada and Arizona. Also, there are lots of business opportunities in Mesquite which is a good news for people seeking out residency in Mesquite city of Nevada.

  7. City of Elko 

    Elko is one of the best places to live in the Nevada State of the US. People enjoy healthy life style. Low crime rate is another advantage to people living in Elko City. It also has a smaller population as compared to the other cities illustrated in the list. Moreover, tax rate is low which is a great news especially for business crowd of Elko City.

  8. Reno City 

    Enjoy a happy life in the Reno City nearby the Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The city is quoted as “the Biggest little city in the World”. People love to travel to this side of Nevada as there are many ski resorts and casinos in the city of Reno. People, you can’t just miss the opportunity to live in the Reno City of Nevada, or you will regret it.

  9. Sparks City 

    Sparks sparkles the beauty of Nevada state due to its beautiful marina state and spectacular hotels. It is the 5th most populated city of Nevada. Living here in a calm and healthy environment would be a nice thing for the people of the States. You should also consider Sparks City as an option for your next residency in Nevada.

  10. Fallon City, Churchill County 

    The city of Fallon is a good option as it has a nice dry environment, but less population as compared to other big cities of the State. It lies under the Rain Shadow of Sierra Nevada, which would give it a dry climate. However; people love this city because there is a low crime rate and lots of business opportunities. So it is also a great option if you are moving to Nevada.

Best places to retire in Nevada


These are the best places to live in Nevada. However; retirees should try a few different option such as living in the best places to retire in Nevada State.

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