Top 10 best national parks in Zambia


Zambia wildlife is widely spread in 20 national wildlife reserves. Out of the twenty parks, 5 have lost almost all of their wildlife animals. Remaining 15 national parks have a variety of wildlife. Some reserves like Mosi-oa-Tunya also known as Victoria Falls National Park features the amazing views of Victoria fall, visited by millions of tourists every year. On the other side Blue Lagoon wildlife reserves feature the most beautiful bird life of Zambia. Thousands of species of animals and birds live in the wildlife reserves of Zambia. In the next heading, you will read about some of the fauna species located in the game reserves of Zambia.

Common Wildlife of Zambia

Thousands of species of mammals, reptiles, and, birds live in the wildlife reserves of this country. Some of the most common species of animals in Zambia include


Some common mammals in the game reserves of Zambia include, lions, spotted hyenas, South African cheetah, cape wild dog, wildcat, African civet, mongoose, African buffalo, hippopotamus, giraffes, antelopes, and other rare species of mammals.


Common reptile in the games reserves of Zambia include, Savannah monitor, Nile crocodile, lizards, and chameleons.


Common birds in the reserves include African fish eagle, ostrich, grebes, cormorants, African darter, horns, egrets, hammerkop, ibises, spoonbills, storks, flamingos, falcons, and several other species of birds.

10 best National Parks in Zambia

After reading about the wildlife of Zambia, let’s move on to the list of the best national parks of Zambia that people should visit once in their life.

  1. Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

    Mosi-oa-Tunya national park or Victoria Falls national park hosts tourists who come here to visit the beautiful Victoria Fall every year. The park has a small number of wildlife species. It also features a safari park, i.e. Livingstone located at the end of the city.

  2. Kafue National Park

    It is the largest and oldest national park in Zambia. The park covers an area of 22,400 square kilometers. It features the largest species of wildlife animals in Zambia. Antelopes, wildebeests, kudus, spotted hyenas, cheetahs, crocodiles, and other animal species.

  3. South Luangwa National Park

    It is the second largest national park in the country. It is located in the Valley of Luangwa River. People can easily spot many wildlife species in the South Luangwa reserves. Some common wildlife includes cape buffaloes, crocodiles, spotted hyenas, lions, and a few other animal species.

  4. Lower Zambezi National Park

    It lies on the north end of the Zambezi river. It has a strong population of cape buffaloes that people can see from the other side of the river. Elephants, antelopes, wildebeests, leopards, lions, and crocodiles are the common animals of the Lower Zambezi National Park.

  5. Nsumbu National Park

    It is also known as Sumbu in the local public in Zambia. Once it competes with other big parks of Kafue and Luangwa, but lack of development takes it down below the rank of well-developed national parks. People can’t find much room for wildlife views as the access to the park is not feasible for tourists.

  6. Blue Lagoon National Park

    It is a small park in the west of Lusaka and north of the Kafue flats. It is chiefly known for its population of bird species in the park. Most of the plains are flooded that give plenty of space for birds to give birth and food to the younger generation. People should visit Blue Lagoon National park, especially, those who are interested in watching the bird life of African fauna.

  7. Lochinvar National Park

    It is a small park located on the south of the Kafue Flats. It is famous for its bird life and herds of lechwe, beautiful antelope species native to the Botswana-Zambia region.

  8. Kasanka National Park

    Kasanka is the first to be known as a privately managed wildlife park in Zambia. It has a large population of bird life, including 330 species of birds living in its boundaries. There are many other wildlife in Kasanka including antelopes, wild dogs, meller’s mongoose, baboons, yellow monkey, and many other species of mammals, reptiles, and birds.

  9. Sioma Ngwezi National Park

    It is a huge plain of having a high population of wildlife including elephants, wildebeest, antelopes, and a great variety of predators or hunters. Tourist can’t access the park because there are no road tracks leading to the park. There are camping sites, but those are meant for experts in wildlife. Plans are going on to build a fence around the park for the purpose of protecting the wildlife living in these plains.

  10. Liuwa Plain National Park

    It is also not developed enough to welcome tourists coming to the park. It has a huge population of African wild dogs, spotted hyenas, and other predators. Lion population is not very high due to hunting and natural disasters. A huge number of blue wildebeests are also spotted in this natural park.

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