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Canberra City Landscape

Australia is packed with beautiful historical sights and landmarks of science and technology. Canberra being the capital is comprised mostly with federal and state building of Australia. However, the city will promise you many fun things to do in it. People can see and do many beautiful attractions of Canberra such as the Australian War Memorial, Questacon, and National Gallery of Australia. Besides visiting these historical and architectural buildings, people can tour to the heights of Mount Ainslie located in Canberra city, beautiful and charming capital of Australia.

All the fun things to do in Canberra City is here

The Canberra War memorial is the historical pride of Canberra City. Questacon building is all packed with scientific wonders and surprises of technology. Your kids will enjoy this place. Some of the fun things to do in the Canberra City are listed below:

  1. Australian War Memorial 

    Australian War MemorialThe very first fun thing to do in Canberra is to visit the War Memorial of Australia. The experience and fun is a must both for kids and young crowd of families coming to this historical treasure of Australia.

  2. Questacon
    The giant building of Questacon will take you to the World packed with robots and other scientific creatures. Learn about new advancements in technology and science crafts. Kids will definitely enjoy this place; Questacon will inspire them to learn more in the field of science and technology.
  3. National Gallery of Australia
    The national gallery of Australia has been a home to 166,000 architectural works by many famous artists. Famous pieces include, Mount Wellington and Hobart Town from Kangaroo Point by John Glover; Flying over the Shoalhaven River, Flapper, Margaret Preston; interior in Yellow, Grace Cossington; Boy with Cat, John Perceval; Pregnant Woman by Ron Mueck; and many other great pieces of arts.
  4. Lake Burley Griffin
    Enjoy canoeing and cruise tours in the Lake Burley Griffin flowing in the heart of Canberra City. While singing country songs, People can enjoy walking along the side of the lake. Feel the fresh and calm atmosphere surrounding the Lake Burley Griffin and the nearby green space.
  5. Hike to Mount Ainslie
    It is a great shock and splendid news that a same city can give you country love, urban atmosphere, and now tour to the mountainous outcrop of Ainslie in the heart of the city. Hike all the way up to the top of the Mount Ainslie and picturesque the city from the top of the mount. There are many sights that people can see from the top such as War memorial, Anzac Parade and the Parliament House of Australia.
  6. Beverage and eatables in Canberra
    For a bellyful experience, you can take your drive to the Poachers Pantry, many great foods and beverages are there waiting for you. People can choose the other sides such as Smokehouse Cafe or Lerida Estate as all the eatables and drinks are available to tourists whenever they want.

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