Best places to live in the Cape Town City, South Africa


When we talk about tourism, there are no less places to visit in Cape Town. Table Mountain is the pride of the city. It attracts millions of tourists every year. The coastal side and beaches are beautiful enough to catch everyone’s eye. Cape of Good Hope, boulders beach, long beach, Table Bay, and Robben Island are also some great sites to see in Cape Town city. Despite of talking about the leisure and fun activities in Cape Town, we will talk more about the best places to live in Cape Town or the places to stay in the city.
Top places to live in the Cape Town

While talking about places to live in Cape Town, one should know the metrics that specifies some of the different reasons to live in that part of the World. Such metrics are weather, health, safety, cost of living; and income per person for a family living in the city.

Therefore, before we proceed to the list, we should know all the details of cost of living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 41.31
Rent Index: 23.38
Groceries Index: 34.35
Restaurants Index: 39.36
Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 32.83
Local Purchasing Power: 96.82

Reading the above indexes, one must already have guessed about the way the one can live life in Cape Town city. However, people already are known to the myths in metrics, as they never expressed the true notions of life in one part of a country. It is only the people living in Cape Town could tell whether they are living their life with ease or not. In the next heading, we will read about a few best places to live in Cape Town city.
Best Neighborhoods to live in the Cape Town

There are several different types of neighborhood in Cape Town. Such as coastal towns, downtown areas, central city, or southern towns of the city. Among some of the best neighborhoods, we will only be talking about the best among them.

Atlantic seaboard

Pricey, but exotic, coastal towns of Cape Town will magnetize you to visit these areas of the city. Buy your own property in these areas is the best thing one can do while living in South Africa. Fresnaye, Bantry Bay, and Clifton are a few areas of the Atlantic Seaboard. If you can afford don’t waste time and buy a property in Atlantic Seaboard side of the city.

Blouberg Coast

Located at the edge of Table Bay, Blouberg provides people affordable prices in housing and rental homes. Milnerton, Tableview, and Blouberg are a few towns in the coastal areas of Table Bay. People can buy their own property in these towns or they can rent a home for their living. Every weekend people can visit beaches and restaurants to enjoy their life while in this beautiful area of the city.

Bo Kaap & Waterkant

Buying a house in Waterkant area gives you a unique charm and feel. The colorful life in the town of Waterkant and Bo Kaap kept people lively and happy from ages and several to come. It is one of the most desirable places to live in Cape Town City. This area also hosts Muslim community so you can find beautiful mosques and minarets. Restaurants will stay open 24/7 and markets welcome people with open arms.

City Bowl

City Bowl is located at the bottom of the Table Mountain. The town is well desired by the people of the city. Its proximity to the city center makes it a chief area to live in the city. Malls, restaurants, and entertainment sites are all packed up in the City Bowl area of the Cape Town city.


Beautiful building, apartments, and impressive house make it one of the best places to live in the Cape Town city. The properties here are quite pricey and people should better rent lodges here rather than buying an apartment in Constantia. The central city area is just a few steps away from Constantia. Generally, high class families used to live in Constantia, so this better suits to the people who have the ability to afford buying a home in this area.

False Bay

Considered better as a summer resort, False Bay offer several beautiful lodges and rental homes in the areas of Muizernberg, Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, and Simons. Public transport is available and people can travel to anywhere in the city from the False Bay. Water amenities and other facilities are available just a few steps away from the False Bay. It is better to rent a place or department rather than buy a home in the False Bay area of the city.

Hout Bay

To the south west of Cape Town lies the pretty town of Hout Bay. Here residents and visitors can enjoy safe beaches, an abundance of walking trails, horse riding, and some of the most spectacular views in the world. The people living here are weekend commuters and transient holiday property owners. Still, the beautiful Hout Bay packs a modest working harbor and a few local schools.

Northern suburbs

A few kilometers north of Cape Town, some beautiful and affordable houses sites are located, where people can buy or rent a home for their living in South African. Such as the towns of Durbanville, Bellville, and Parow, which are becoming popular to live near the Cape Town city. Schools, shopping centers, and other facilities are available in the Norther Suburbs. So these areas are good options for your living in the city.

Southern suburbs

In the south, just 10 km away from the city center, beautiful suburbs are located. That are hosting affordable for people living near the Cape Town city. All the amenities are available, including schools, restaurants, markets, and medical facilities. So keep them in your list of best places to live in the Cape Town City.


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