Best African airlines for travel addicts

Traveling to African countries is easy as there are multiple international airlines that provide flight services to the residents of millions of people living in different part of the World. High class airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates, Etihad Airways, or Qatar provides flight services to multiple countries of Africa. But are there any African flight service providers? Of course, there are many best African airlines that provides flight services from city to city, country to country, and also to other international destinations in the World. Coming to the point, today, you will learn about the best African flight service provide located in Africa.

Top African airlines for travel addicts

In the next headings, you will be reading about the 10 best African airlines.

South African Airways


South African Airways is the crown King among the other African flight service providers. The airlines provide travel services to 38 destinations in the World. It also provides traveling between cities to cities and to the international destinations such as direct flights to New York, London, Dubai and other countries.




EgyptAir is the flag carrier for Egypt International flight services. The airline provides flight services to 75 destinations in Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and other countries. The airline is also a member of Star Alliance.


Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc


Royal Air Maroc is a Morocco international flight service provider. The airline provides flight services to hundreds of destinations in the World. There is no doubt in saying that Royal Air Maroc is one of the best African airlines in the industry.

Ethiopian Airlines



Ethiopian Airlines is also another great African air service provider. The airlines provide flight services for the people of Ethiopia. The hub of the airlines is located in the capital city of Addis Ababa. In 2011, the Ethiopian airline has won the reward of “African Cargo Airline of the year”.

Air Seychelles


Air Seychelles is also one of the best national airlines in Africa. The airline provides flight services in Seychelles and to the international destination from Africa to Middle East, Asia, and countries of other continents. The airline also provides cargo services to the people of the country.


Air Mauritius


Air Mauritius is the national flag carrier for the country of Mauritius. The airline has won the “2011 Indian Ocean Leading Airline Prize.” The airline has made a code sharing agreements with the World Class airline of the Emirates.

Kulula Airline


Kulula is another South African no-frills airline. The airline is popular for its colored planes and lively staff. The Kulula airline is the trading name for the company, Comair Limited. It also operates as a franchisee for the British Airways.


Kenya Airways


Kenya Airways


Kenya Airways is the official flag carrier for the country’s international flight services. The headquarters of the airline is located in Embakasi, Nairobi. It is regarded as one of the best African airlines and as a leader in Sub-Saharan region. The airline has a staff of more than 4000 employees.


Angola Airlines

Photo by Aero Icarus CC BY-SA 2.0

Photo by Aero Icarus CC BY-SA 2.0


It is the national airlines of the Angola. The headquarters of the airline is located in the capital city of Luanda. Angola is the seventh largest country of Africa so the Airline operates in the multiple regions in Africa and other continents. It also provides Cargo services for carrying goods in and out of the country.


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