20 most beautiful capitals in the world

Our World is beautiful, while you are sitting in your home, unaware of the things and places where you should be, you needed to be there, to enjoy all the great excitements around the world, and to enjoy your life travelling around the world, meeting with people, and tasting the food of different countries around the around. Each country in the world has its own charm and excitement; each city and travel destination is unique to itself. Every beautiful city is hiding nature’s beautiful secret that people must discover once in their life. Although, you can’t live that enough to enjoy all the beautiful places in every corner of the world, but you can enjoy the popular destinations featured in travel magazines and reader’s digests that people can find online or from the public libraries in their cities.

Traveling the top beautiful capitals in the world

Today you will learn about the top beautiful capital cities in the world. Each capital city is ranked based upon its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and the historical landmarks that brought the unique charm and color to the city and to its people.

List of most beautiful capital cities in the world

London, Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon are a few beautiful capital cities in Southwestern and Western Europe. There are many other serene and exotic capitals in other countries of Europe, such as Moscow, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Brussels, Rome, Athens, and Amsterdam. However, Europe is not the only destination to visit in the World; Capital cities of the countries in Asia, North America, Australia, and Africa also share the same charm and color. Today you will learn about the most beautiful capitals in the World. Below is the list of 20 most beautiful capital cities.

  1. London
    England CCLondon
    London is a multi-ethnic city; there are many great buildings and historic places in the city, built during the golden era of the Great British Empire. Moreover, in the modern age, many beautiful universities and libraries were founded by the country’s famous personalities of the 19th and 20th century. Oxford University is the top university built at the start of the Modern era, it was the foundation stone of the Great Britain who captured and ruled in many different territories of Asia, Europe, Australia, and America.
  2. Madrid
    Madrid City is famous for its public square, royal castles, museums, and sports stadiums. Bella dancers and the famous Spanish foods and beverages are the second most popular thing that people can enjoy in Spain. Next in Madrid, you can visit the Palacio Real de Madrid (royal castle), Buen Retiro Park, and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium located in the beautiful capital of Spain.
  3. Paris
    Best countries to visit in Europe
    TripAdvisor people’s choice award for best destination listed Paris as the top destination in the World. Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Disney World, Versailles Palace, and many other sights are visited by millions of tourists each year. The “city of light” will keep your interest as discover more and more beautiful places in different corners of the city.
  4. Rome
    Rome is also listed in the top, by Trip Advisor traveler’s choice for the year 2015. Rome brings you the memories of the Great Roman Empire and the landmarks they left in the hierarchy of Italy; besides Rome, people can visit the city of Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Bologna, and so many other places in the country. Wherever you go, you will find all the best places to be discovered in one week tour of the Italy.
  5. Budapest

    Budapest is the capital of Hungary, it is considered as one of the most beautiful cities and capitals in the world. Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, House of Terror; are a few of the great sights to see in Budapest city.
  6. Moscow
    Moscow is a big city; there is quite a big list of places that people can see in Moscow. People can start their journey of the city from the beautiful Kremlin complex, and then they can go to the nearby Red square, and the Alexander Garden. Keep your spirit high because the city will keep your interest as you visit the city’s destination.
  7. Berlin
    In Berlin you can see the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Castle, Treptower Park, Spree, and other splendid places in the city.
  8. Athens
    Athens is the capital city of Greece; it has been featured in the TripAdvisor list of the most beautiful cities of the world. Temple of Olympian Zeus, Erechtheum, Ancient Agora, Plaka, and Parthenon are the top 5 sights to see in Athens.
  9. Brussels
    “Mini Europe” is the headquarters of the European Union. In Brussels, you can see many great sights such as Atomium, Auto World, Manneken Pis, and many other tourists’ spots.
  10. Prague
    Take a small trip in the old town of the city and take picturesque of the town’s colorful houses and public parks. People can also enjoy their time visiting the bizarre dancing houses located in the Prague city.
  11. Lisbon
    Lisbon is the heart city of Portugal. It has been a great destination visited by millions of tourists every year. Lisbon has been on the top of TripAdvisor for a few previous years; the top 5 destinations that people can visit in Lisbon are: The city aquarium (Oceanario de Lisboa), Alfama, Belem tower, and Bairro Alto; however there are many other great sights that people can discover in the Lisbon City.
  12. Amsterdam
    The capital of Netherland, Amsterdam, is the top notch city to visit in Europe. People can start their trip from the Royal Palace, the nation museum is also a great sight, and there are many other popular places that people can see in the Amsterdam, pack your luggage and visit Amsterdam, a stunning city to visit in Europe.
  13. Vienna
    10 places where people needed to visit in Vienna are: Historic Center of Vienna, Schoenbrunn Palace, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Tiergarten Schoenbrunn, State Opera House, Imperial Palace (Hofburg), the Belvedere Palace and Museum, Natural History Museum, Schlosspark Schonbrunn, and the Albertina museum.
  14. Warsaw
    Lazienki palace, the national museum, Saxon garden, and other many great sights are listed in the top popular places to see in the Warsaw city.
  15. Ottawa
    Ottawa is a peaceful city, one of the best city to live in. Beside this, Ottawa is the best destination in Canada. Ottawa is famous for the colorful events that are held in the city every year. Parliament Hill and Rideau Canal are the top notch sights to see in Ottawa city.
  16. Tokyo
    Big building, shrines, bustling streets and markets, palaces, and Disneylands are the best things that people can do in Tokyo.
  17. Stockholm
    If you are visiting Stockholm city, you must see the royal castle in the city, archipelago, Vasa museum, Drottningholm Palace, and the Ericsson globe located in the city center. People can also taste the exciting Swiss food and beverages that they can find in some famous hotels in the city of Stockholm
  18. Islamabad
    Islamabad is a man-made city located in a green hilly area. There are many beautiful landmarks in the city such as Faisal mosque, Lok Virsa Museum, Pir Sohawa, Rawal Lake, and the Pakistan museum of national hierarchy.
  19. Edinburgh
    The Scottish capital is on the top because of its beautiful royal palaces, green hills, parks and gardens, national galleries, and the museums in the city.
  20. Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires
    There are many great sights to see in the Argentine Capital. The top five sights in Argentina are: La Boca, Plaza de Mayo, Botanical Garden, Floralis Generica, and La Recoleta cemetery; beside the mentioned sights, people can also see other great sights in the capital of Argentina.

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