15 best countries to visit in europe

Top countries to visit in Europe

TripAdvisor traveler’s choice has picked many beautiful countries to visit in Europe. Southwestern countries of Europe, such as Spain, Portugal, and the neighboring country of France are listed on the top of the list, and among these countries, people can also find Turkey for its splendid historical places and beaches. As we talk about Europe travel, it reminds us about the Roman history, and territories in the Great Roman Empire, and its capital city of Rome and the territories in the Southwestern part of Europe. Romans landmarks in Italy, France, and Spain are the visitor’s top choice during their Euro tour. According to statistics by TripAdvisor, Rome is the third most visited city of Europe after France and Madrid. Today you will learn about the most visited countries of the Europe and the places people need to visit in these countries.

Fun touring in Europe

If you are planning a Euro tour, people must decide and plan their tour from the start. From the start, they should decide the top countries they will be visited in their Euro tour, their travel budget, and the things they need to carry along during their flights to different countries of Europe. While planning for touring Europe, Paris is the first city that strikes people’s mind; people can start their tour from France and then they can decide if they are visiting the South Western countries of Europe or the Eastern countries of the continental Europe. However, if you are planning on traveling all the great cities of Europe then you should have a bigger budget in your pocket. Nevertheless, whatever country you choose for your tour, you should first know the things you will be seeing in the top countries of Europe. In the next heading, you will learn about the top countries to travel in Europe.

15 top countries to visit in Europe

The countries that are visited the most by people around the globe are listed below:

  1. France
    Paris CC
    France is the tourist’s capital of Europe. People can start their tour from Paris city where they can visit the Louvre museum, Eiffel tower, and so many other great sights.
  2. Spain
    Spain CC
    Madrid is the second best city to visit in Europe. People can see several different public parks, museums, and other places of interest in in the Madrid City. People can arrange a weekly tour to France, Spain, and the neighboring country of Portugal, so that they can visit in detail all the popular places of these countries.
  3. Italy
    Italy CC
    Rome, Venice, Milan, and many other cities of Italy are visited by millions of tourists every year. Rome brings back the memory of the Great Roman Empire to the tourists visiting the city; on the other side Venice is a beautiful island like city where people need boats to travel around each corner of the city.
  4. Turkey
    Turkey CC
    The historic Arab capital of Istanbul brings back the memory of the great Ottoman Empire who captured and builds many historic cities in the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Ottoman capital of Istanbul still brings the memories of splendid Ottoman Empire; there are many beautiful Arab baths, castles, and the Arab mosques that people can visit during their visit to the Istanbul City, Turkey.
  5. Germany
    Germany CC
    Berlin, Neuschwanstein Castle, Romantic Rhine, Cologne, and many other sights will keep you occupied during your tour to Germany. What will be the part of the tour, you have to decide before leaving your home. As you tour around in Germany you will discover a lot of other must visited sights in each corner of the country.
  6. United Kingdom
    England CC
    Different travel magazines show different statistics for the best countries to travel, however, you will find England in the 5th or 6th position of the list of beautiful countries of Europe. Wikipedia stats also show England on the 6th place in the list of the most visited countries of Europe. You can visit all the great cities of England. The great British Empire will be the history part of your tour, also there are many public libraries, museums, sports stadiums, parks, and exotic landscapes in different counties of England.
  7. Russia
    Russia CC
    There are many beautiful museums, public parks, libraries, and historical sights in Russia. However, visiting all the cities of Russia might not be possible in your travel budget. Therefore, people should decide ahead what city will be the part of their tour. Many travel magazines recommend Moscow to include in Euro tour, and I also will suggest you the same. In Moscow people can enjoy their time at Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Pushkin Museum, Gorky Park, Kuskovo, Alexander Garden and many other great sights in the city.
  8. Austria
    Austria CC
    People can start their tour from the Hohenzollern castle; Salzburg, Vienna, Innsbruck, and a few other destinations must also be included in your tour to Austria.
  9. Greece
    Greece CC
    While planning to tour Europe, one can’t forget to include city of Athens in Greece as the part of the tour. Moreover, Crete is the best white city to travel in Europe that people can find in Greece. In the year 2014, 22 million people visited the beautiful country of Greece. Therefore, Greece should be your top priority if you are planning for a tour to Euro.
  10. Poland
    Polcand CC
    Warsaw is a great city to visit in Europe. People can also plan for a tour to Warsaw castle, royal castle, and the lazienki palace located at the side of the river in the city of Warsaw, Poland.
  11. Portugal
    Portugal CC
    Lisbon is the top most visited city in the Southwestern Europe. Lisbon has seen the fall of many great empires starting from the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Visigoths, and lastly the caliphate of Cordoba. All these empire left many historical landmarks in Portugal. Moreover, there are many beautiful beaches in Portugal that people must visit while they visit Portugal in their tour.
  12. Croatia

    Croatia CC
    The great cities of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Rovinj, and Zadar, are keeping many beautiful sights hidden from your eyes. Therefore, pack your luggage and visit all these beautiful cities of Croatia.
  13. Hungary
    Hungary CC
    When we plan on traveling to Hungary, Budapest is the first name that comes to our mind. There are many great sights to see in Budapest such as Buda Castle, Chain bridge, Margaret Island, and other great sights.
  14. Iceland
    Iceland CC
    Gullfoss Waterfall, Hallgrímskirkja, Aurora Borealis, Grindavík, Skaftafell Ice Cave are some of the beautiful sight in Iceland. There are many other things that people can do and places where they can stay during their tour to Iceland.
  15. Czech Republic
    Czech Republic CC
    Prague is the most beautiful city of the Czech Republic. There are many other great sights to see in Czech Republic such as Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora, Karlovy Vary, Castle Karlstejn, and Telc; however, the listed sights are not the only places to visit, as you travel around in Czech Republic, you will find out more destination see in the country.

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