10 best US national parks to visit in winter

best national parks to visit in winter


Want some fun time out of your busy life? If you are in the US, then you should know that in every state of the US, there is a treasure of nature waiting anxiously to be discover. You just have to find some time and visit some beautiful National Parks in the US. People can visit many different national treasures at any time of the year. However, if you want to spend some fun time in winter, there are many national parks that are made for the same purpose, pack your luggage to visit some beautiful national parks in your state. Today, you will learn about ten best US national parks to visit in the winter season.


  1. Rocky mountain national park

    Rocky mountain national park

    Rocky Mountain National Park is a heaven for mountain climber, hikers, and bikers. In winter, these mountains will be covered with veil of snow that attracts millions of visitors from the UK. Snow caped mountain will give you never-forgotten experience. The best points are Moraine Park, Longs Peak and Timber Creep camping grounds.

  2. Bryce Canyon national park

    bryce canyon national park

    Bizarre and iconic rocky formation of Bryce Canyon works for every tourist coming to this part of the US. The mountains are formed in a desert that makes sure that winter temperature never drops below freezing point. It is a good thing and people can enjoy all the chills of winter in this mountain park.

  3. Everglades National Park

    Everglades National Park

    Everglades is great to visit in winter especially due to the mild temperature climate and less humidity. Water level drops in winter and that brings animal life more visible to the public visiting the national park. People can watch the wildlife such as gray fox, white tailed deer, gray fox, Florida panther, alligators, and other reptiles.

  4. Death valley national park

    Death valley national park

    Death Valley as the name says is the hottest national park in the US. The summer temperature peaks more than 50 degree centigrade, but winter is special here. People can enjoy the mild temperature of 21 degree centigrade. There are many things to do in Death Valley National Park such as visiting Badwater Basin, Zabriskie Point, Mesquite Dunes, Salt Creek, and other different places in the National Park.

  5. Big Bend National Park

    Big Bend National Park

    It serves the best places for hikers and mountain climber. Temperature falls below 10 degree Celsius and even below at higher altitudes. There are different biking trails in the national park; moreover, people can enjoy hiking and mountain climbing in this beautiful national park.

  6. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

    HAWAII Volcanoes National Park

    It is fascinating, glamorous, and beautiful; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the pride of Hawaii Island Chain. Volcanic mountains are great for hikers, but people should be careful, as some volcanoes are active in this beautiful National Park. Mauna Loa and Kilauea is the best points for riders and mountain hikers.

  7. Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon

    Due to its beautiful rock formation, there is no doubt in saying that Grand Canyon is the best among the other national parks in the US. People can visit the park and it never matters whatever is the season or month you are visiting the Grand Canyon National Park.

  8. President’s Park


    Every year millions of tourists visit the park, especially in the Winter Season. Yearly celebrations and festivals are held in the December in President’s Park such as erection of Christmas tree, and life performances in the park by different Hollywood stars and celebrities visiting the National Park.

  9. Yellowstone National Parks

    Yellowstone national park

    People can enjoy their time watching the beautiful Geysers and Volcanic holes in the snowy landscape of the park. People can enjoy guided snowmobile tours, cross-country skiing, and snowshoe tours at the safe locations of the park.

  10. Yosemite National Park

    yosemite national park

    People should plan their visit to Yosemite National Park in the beginning of Winter Season such as in early November because some areas will not be accessible at the peak of Winter Season. Hiking, vehicle driving, and the cross-country skiing are the best thing people can do in the Yosemite National Park.

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