10 Best places to stay and live in Budapest

If you are a fan of Hunger Games, you would know about numbering of the districts from 1 to 11 or further more. In Hungary, districts are numbered in Roman alphabets. The downtown districts are given smaller digits (I, II,…) while the upper districts or suburban districts are given higher numbers (XI, XII,…). In each district, there are many great options for a weekly, monthly, or yearly stay. You would also like to buy an apartment in any great district of the Budapest City. There are many leisure activities that you can enjoy in Budapest, especially a tour of grand palaces of Budapest. However, instead of talking about what things to do or not to do in Budapest, we will talk more about the best places to live in Budapest and where you can stay for a week or month.

10 best places to live in Budapest City

In the next headings, you will read about some best areas, districts, or places to live or stay in the Budapest City. Buy a home or rent a flat in these great places of the city.

District I – Castle District


Budapest Castle


Castle District is the most wanted district for all kinds of people living in the Budapest city. It is the area where people have several medieval structures just a few minute walk from their home. The royal palace is also located in this district of the Budapest city.


District II – Rózsadomb (Rose Hill)


Buda Hills


Rózsadomb or Rose Hill is a residential district close to the Danube and goes all the way up to the hills in the city. High class people of the society live in this district. People enjoy their time watching the city from the higher grounds. If you want to live in this district you pocket must weight higher than usual.

District XII – Hollywood Hills of Budapest

It is not actually Hollywood Hills of California; however, people regarded the district XII as an alternative of the Hollywood Hills, California. There are many green areas, higher grounds, hills, and luxurious villas in the district. So only rich crowd can afford to buy an apartment in this district. For tourists, this would be one of the best places to stay in Budapest City.

District XI

If you wanted to enjoy your time in Budapest, you should better stay in District XI because it is considered as one of the best places to live or stay in Budapest City. One good thing about District XI is that Móricz Zsigmond körtér square is located in this district and access to the transport is very easy. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics also lies in the District XI. There are many shopping centers, theaters, and green spaces in this district.

District V

If you want to visit some official landmarks District V is the place for you as you can visit many great buildings such as Szent István Bazilika, the parliament, Vörösmarty tér, Váci Utica, and the Chain Bridge. The District V has also represented as the administrative center of the city. Houses or apartments would be available at high prices because it is an important district in the city.

District VI

For culture and travelling geeks, there is no better place than District VI. It is the area where you can discover the famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Andrássy Avenue. Beside this, the district also gives people the opportunity to shop from many great luxury stores and they can watch movies in theaters and find fun in the Budapest Opera House. In short words, District VI is the best place for you stay in the city.

District VII

The former Jewish Quarter in District VII gives people the opportunity to live in historic houses and walk in great Jewish streets. The World’s most beautiful synagogue, i.e. Dohany utca is also located in the District VII. M2 metro also run along the boundaries of this very district. So there is no limit to wherever you want to go in Budapest on very much affordable transports.

District VIII

It is one of the most populated and lively districts of Budapest. It is also a great place to live in the city. The transport is easily available in the district. The district will surround you with people and old historic buildings. There are public libraries, parks, universities, and museums located in the District VIII. High malls and cafes can be easily located in this district of the Budapest City.

District IX

District IX is a great district with a calm and healthy atmosphere. Corvinus University is located in the district. Also, people can visit theaters, restaurants, cafes, and public parks. Metro line connects the district to several different areas of the city. It is also an affordable district as compared to the other districts of the Budapest city.

District XIII

Finally, District XIII is your last option, as it will give you the chance to access any area in the city. The district lies in the center of the city and provides access to Margitsziget Island through the Margaret Bridge connected to the district. Therefore, you can finally list the district as one of the best places to live in the Budapest city.

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