10 best places to live in Tokyo City

Besides of the fact that Tokyo has a great population, there are still a lot of space for peace seeking people in the World. Japan is the most peaceful country in the Asia. Tokyo also is the most peaceful country in Asia and 8th most in the World. Despite of the fact that there is high population in Tokyo, still there are many neighborhood where people can find calm and peaceful weather. By peaceful I mean no noise pollution or crowding in the streets.
Today, You will learn about the top 10 best places to live in the city of Tokyo.

Ten best places to live in Tokyo City

Below is the list of 10 best places to live in the Tokyo City.

  1. Azabu

    Azabu is the best and most expensive neighborhood in Tokyo. It is the home of the high class society or high earning people of Japan. There are offices of foreign embassies located in the Azabu neighborhood. There are many great cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the area of the neighborhood.

  2. Jiyugaoka

    To find peace and calm atmosphere, people can move their homes to the Jiyugaoka neighborhood of the Tokyo City. It is the place where people can find residents playing Japanese like chess games under the beautiful sakura trees.

  3. Hiroo

    Hiroo is the most expensive neighborhood of Tokyo located near to the Shibuya, Roppongi and Azabu. Land prices are quite high because of its location; therefore, you should have a high income to live in Hiroo neighborhood of the city.

  4. Omotesando
    Omotesando is the fashion hub of Tokyo City. People can find offices of major fashion iCons in the Omotesando neighborhood. It is also a great shopping and entertainment place for the people of the city.
  5. Ebisu

    Ebisu is a place where people come to eat in special restaurants and 5 star hotels. There are izakaya, pubs and tachinomi bars located in the Ebisu neighborhood.

  6. Yoyogi

    Yoyogi For those who love more calm and pleasant noise-less atmosphere, Yoyogi will suit well for them. There is green space (public park) located in the Yoyogi neighborhood. People should also know that Yoyogi is located between two most crowded neighborhood of Tokyo city i.e. Shinjuku and Shibuya.

  7. Toranomon

    Toranomon is an expensive neighborhood located near the tiger gate of the imperial palace of Tokyo City. There are new skyscrapers and high standing buildings in the Toranomon neighborhood. It best suit to the business people and high income people of the Tokyo City.

  8. Kichijoji

    It is the educational iCon of the Tokyo city. There are universities, schools, and public parks located in the Kichijoji neighborhood. Families with kids and teens should buy home in this neighborhood.

  9. Denenchofu

    The industrial town of Denenchofu was developed by Japanese industrial iCon, Shibusawa Eiichi who was also known as the father of Japanese capitalism. Eiichi founded multiple companies and coorporation located in the Denechofu area of the Tokyo City. There are houses of business leaders and other famous personalizes located in this neighborhood of Tokyo.

  10. Nakameguro

    Comprised of 5 star hotels, restaurants, and bars, Nakameguro lies on the Meguro riverside. There are many Sakura trees located in the Nakameguro neighborhood of the Tokyo City. 

Besides Tokyo, there are many other best cities to live in Japan. People can buy or move their homes to the city of Fukuoka, Sapporo, Yokohama, Kyoto, and other great cities of Japan.

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