10 best places to live in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Prestigious, Charming, and Pleasant, that’s Oxford City. To be a part of Oxford city is what all of us want. One can find an ideal life while living in this city because the city is comprised of lush green lands, gardens, historic building, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and high malls. Kids will go to Oxford primary schools and high schoolers will enjoy studying in the World’s most prestigious University of Oxford. Every one of us would like to spend our entire life in this city. The atmosphere is great; population is not as high as compared to London; and average temperature goes no higher than 25 degree Celsius (at the extreme). Greenery and trees will give you heartwarming feelings. You can shop at the prestigious Oxford city market where everything is available. Today, I will help you to find the best places to live in Oxford City, places where you can find great homes for your living.

10 best neighborhoods to move in Oxford



Below is the list of the best places to live in Oxford City, Oxfordshire. The places are listed without any priority or order. It depends upon a person own liking, whether to buy a home in one place or in any other area/neighborhood.

    1. Botley
      Botley is a place best suited to families with kids or young teens. There is a shopping center at Elms Parade and a retail store from where people can buy goods of everyday use. Great bus service and transport facilities are available to the people. Moreover, the Oxford train station lies a few steps away from the Botley.
    2. Cutteslowe

      CuttlesLowe lies at A40 north in the Oxford City. Many of the roads from the countryside and the city centre passes across the town. There are many historic buildings in the town and the Sunnymead Park. Due to its calm atmosphere and healthy weather, Cutteslowe is one of the best places to live in Oxford City.
    3. East Oxford

      East Oxford is a town suitable to the teens and high school population. Many foreigners, who come to East Oxford for the purpose of education, live in this area of the city. It is an economically diverse community and houses prices might be higher as compared to the other places in the city. Famous people from East Oxford include, William Morris of the Morris Motor Company, Radiohead band, Supergrass, and many other notable personalities.
    4. Grandpont
      Grandpont is residential town comprised of many luscious and appealing houses. There are many real estate properties in the town that people can buy or rent. As compared to other towns of Oxford City, Grandpont hosts less student population and more families/couples. Grandpont Nature Park and River Thames would be some notable places in the town.
    5. Summertown
      Summertown is a lively, charming, and delightful town best suited for the people in business and restaurant industry. There are shopping malls and restaurants that welcome people of the town all around the week. Employees and business entrepreneur also like to rent or buy their home in Summertown, Oxford City. J.R.R Tolkien, author of the Tolkien franchise, was born, lived, and died in this small town.
    6. Headington
      While J.R.R Tolkien belongs to the Summertown, Hedington used to be the home of the great author C.S. Lewis, who wrote the famous Chronicles of Narnia series. The town is comprised of many new buildings and some old and historic landmarks. This town hosts Oxfords major hospital of John Radcliffe and the Churchill. There are cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and high schools in the town. There is no doubt in saying that Hedington is one of the best neighborhoods to live in the Oxford City.
    7. Jericho
      The people of Jericho live a charming and peaceful life. The town, while charming and peaceful in the day, nights are also lively, colorful, and musical in the town. There are café, restaurants, and theatres in Jericho. So you can enjoy all the twenty hours, whenever you wanted. The town fits best for young professional and business people. The town has been featured in the Inspector Morse TV series. The historic and prestigious Oxford University Press is located in the town at the Walton Street that passes through the town.
    8. Marston
      Marston best suits for medical professional and nurses. The reason is that Radcliffe Hospital lies nearby the town of Marston. There are several retail properties in the town that people can buy or rent for their living in the town.
    9. Kidlington
      Kidlington is still a rural town or village also recognized as one of the largest villages in England. The access to the town is through the A34 or M40 motorway. It is about 20 minutes away from the Oxford City center. Oxford Motor Park that employees 4000 employees, lies in the Kidlington area. Also the Oxford Airport, which is said to be one of the largest pilot training center in Europe.
    10. Oxford City Centre
      The Oxford City Centre is the place where one of the most famous university of the World is situated, i.e. the University of Oxford. Thousands of students from around the World travel to the city to study in this prestigious institute. Beside the University, there are a few other schools and colleges in the city. The city market is also a great place for shopping. People can also find fun in the concerts at the Sheldonian theatre or discovering the history and antiques at the Ashmolean Museum.

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