10 best places to live in Canberra City

best places to live in Canberra

Canberra City Landscape

Australia is becoming the best country in the World for a calm and serene life. In the livability criteria, 4 cities of Australia i.e. Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney are categorized as the best cities to live in the World. Among the other best cities of Australia, the capital city of Canberra also has a great reputation. Might not in the top 10 list of best cities, it still has its position in one of the best cities in the World. Over an all you can live in any city or town of Australia. However, this article will talk about the top neighborhoods or best places to live in Canberra City.



Top 10 best places to live in Canberra City

Life of Canberra city is easy, fun, and affordable for people living anywhere in the World. If you are moving to Canberra, you should know that the medium household cost of Canberra is $445 per week, which is very much affordable even for low income people of Australia. There are many great neighborhoods and suburbs in Canberra City; you just have to look at the right place, which must be based upon your own personal needs and demands. Because each neighborhood has its own advantages and downsides, it all depends upon your lifestyle and whichever suburbs meet your criteria of livelihood. Listed below is the ten best places to live in Canberra City.

  1. Ainslie 

    Ainslie neighborhood is without any doubt the top notch neighborhood of the Canberra City. People, especially families can enjoy a calm and serene life in Ainslie. High schools, restaurants, museums, and fun places are just a few minutes’ drive from the Ainslie suburb.  That makes Ainslie the winner in the best places to live in Canberra City.

  2. O’Connor 

    O’Connor suits to the families with kids. The streets are all covered with beautifully lined trees on the sideways. People can live in detached or standalone homes and the high school crowd can study in the two top notch schools of Australia i.e. O’Connor Cooperative School and St Joseph’s primary school.

  3. Braddon
    Braddon is a multicultural area in the middle of the city where everything is available at a few steps away from the neighborhood. People have easy access to cafes, restaurants, bars, fashion stores, and commercial areas of the Canberra City. The neighborhood of Braddon will suit more to fashion designers, professionals, and singles seeking job opportunities in the Canberra City.
  4. Civic
    It is the place for Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Canberra Theatre and Civic Library. National Trust of Australia has its branch in Civic square, Canberra City. Civic serves as the central business district of the capital city of Australia.
  5. YarralumlaYarralumla is a beautiful seaside neighborhood that would be the top most priority for beach lovers and pleasure seekers. People can live in families and retirees can spend their later years living in this chilly area of the Australian capital.
  6. Lyneham

    Lyneham neighborhood is located around 3 kilometers North West of Canberra City. The suburb is home to the second oldest church in Canberra. This place has a mix of old heritage of the city and many modern houses. People can enjoy their fun time visiting theaters, public parks, and sports stadiums. The national folk festival is also held here in the Lyneham neighborhood. The neighborhood is a good fit for families with kids, singles, and professional as well as retirees.
  7. Kambah
    Being the largest suburb of the capital city of Canberra; there are many green areas and public parks in the Kambah district. People of every age can enjoy their life living in this green area of the city.
  8. Acton
    Acton is a good fit for professionals and students. The suburb has borders with black mountain to the West and Lake Burley Griffin  to the South. Most of the area of the city is covered by the Australian National University Campus. National Films and Sound Archive are the branch of CSIRO located in the Acton Neighborhood. National Museum of Australia also lies on the borders of the neighborhood of Acton, Canberra City.
  9. ArandaAranda is a beautiful neighborhood located at the foot of Black Mountain. This neighborhood is a good fit for families with kids and people who love country or semi-rural life.
  10. Banks
    Located around 21 kilometers from the city center, Banks is a serene suburb that gives splendid views of Big Monk Mountain located at the east of the suburbs. People can spend their free time in Rob Roy National Parks just located a few minutes’ distances on the eastern border of the suburb.

Beside Canberra City, there are many other great places to live in Australia. For details, people can read about the best cities to live in Australia.


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